Friday, February 13, 2009


So now I have a cold. It was bound to happen, what with all the snotty nose wiping I've been doing lately. Today I did the unthinkable -- I sent both kids to school and stayed home in bed all day. It was necessary and yet felt totally decadent in a weird way, even though I was sucking on expired cough drops all day and alternating between being sweaty and cold.

I had already intended to send Andy to school since today was their Valentine's Day party. This year, I understood why they send home a list with all the kid's names on it. Last year, I thought the list was just a nice thing to have and was then totally surprised when he came home with dozens of valentine's cards. Duh. This year, I remembered. Bjorn bought the cards and I addressed them. Then Jennifer and Andy picked out which color lollipops to attach to each card. It was pretty adorable.

Speaking of Jennifer, she picked Andy up early from school yesterday and took him bowling. He loved it and acted like a totally adorable kid. Then he came home and was his typical whiney self. I love it when they save their most awesome behavior for me!

Meg is getting closer to walking every day. She can now walk holding on to one hand and can stand unassisted for probably 20 seconds at a time.

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