Thursday, February 26, 2009


Andy's best friend at school is Christopher. Lately, the two boys have turned into 12 year old girls with the way they fight. While they are BFF, apparently they fight constantly. Andy has been coming home with stories lately about Christopher throwing rocks, mulch, insert toy here. other he tells me that Christopher is not his friend or buddy anymore. I know, how dramatic.

We have talked to his teachers about it a few times and apparently the two go through periods throughout the day of loving each other until one shuns the other for a while. Things have been getting more intense lately for no apparent reason. I talked to Ms. Paris today about it and she agrees it seems to be escalating for no apparent reason. Since Andy is four and academically ready, the decision is to start transitioning him over to the next room.

Several kids in his class just moved up this week so the timing is probably right. I think he's ready and talking to some of the parents with kids in the next class, they like the teacher and the curriculum is a little more advanced, well, he is four so that means there is a little more emphasis on reading and writing. I have met the lead teacher and like her, my only concern is that she works an earlier shift, like 7 to 3, meaning she won't be there when I pick up. That means I've have to try harder to get information on how he's doing. Hrmph.

And in totally unrelated news, my mother is coming to visit for a long weekend tomorrow. YAY!

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