Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One small step

Meg took her first step last night. It was more of a lunge as she moved from Andy's bed to Bjorn's waiting hands, but after she did it, we both looked at each other, smiled and agreed we would consider it her first. We practiced for a little while afterwards, but she was only saving her steps for Daddy. Bugger. She continues to put more sounds together and Ayesha swears she is saying a couple of her Urdu words.

Andy has gone from being a terror that deserved to be under psychiatric observation last night to a lovely little guy this evening who was happy after school, wanted to help with dinner, play nicely and dance with his sister and put his head on my shoulder while I type this and he watches Diego.

To get him back for being so ornery last night, I will have to record a particular gem. He was naked before his bath and I called his penis, his privates. He asked what that was and I took that as a chance to work in my ,anti-molestation speech about how he's not to show his penis to anyone except Mommy, Daddy or the doctor. Oh, and his teachers when they're helping him in the bathroom at school. He was horrified even though I have said all this before. "I can't show it to anyone? Waaaahhhh! But I want to show my penis!" Needless to say the speech stopped then.


  1. It's so tough not being able to show the world your most prized possession! The hardest life lesson for boys. Although, I guess some people never take that lesson to heart. They're called exhibitionists or just "creepy".

  2. That is so funny. LOL!

  3. I have a (an?) hilarious excerpt from the Sweet Potato Queens Guide to Raising Children for Fun and Profit which addresses the Penis Question. I'll bring it to show you when I visit. Boys are just weird.