Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My little mimic

Meg is really a mimic right now. I have been saying things and I swear I hear her repeat them. The unfortunate thing is apparently I'm the only one that can make it out. Or else I'm imagining things.

"Did you hear that, Jennifer? I think she said yogurt!"
"Ah, um, what?"

Yeah, well, I heard it.

The little girl is also really starting to show her toddler strides. She groans and screeches when I take a toy away or try to redirect. That part is annoying, but then she comes around with this big lovely grin. How can I refuse? If only she were cuddly. She doesn't really want to be held any more (unless Bjorn is working his magic on a nap). I would love it if I could just get her to nestle up to me in bed one morning, but instead she wants to play. Silly girl!

A friend called me yesterday to say she'd been shut in all week with her sick toddler and could we get out for a drink. Bjorn was working late so I offered her to just come over for wine and at least not have to listen to her own kids whine for a bit. She stays home with the kids and I think was somewhat horrified by the life of a working mother, what with me throwing taquitos on the table for dinner and the evening rush of pick-up, dinner, bath, play and bedtime. Bjorn's been working a lot of late nights (i.e. home after bath time) though so it was lovely to have the company.

Speaking of company, Jennifer (or Gemminer as Andy calls her) is threatening to move in with us for a few weeks in the spring until she and her friends can move into their own place. She's so fun to be around these days and helpful with the kids that I've been trying to lure her into staying longer. Wisely, perhaps, she keeps kindly declining.


  1. What's with the "Seacrest, out?" Does he say that somewhere and I don't get it? Or is Meg saying it?

  2. I think I put that in as a joke, um, years ago. I need to figure out how to take it off. Do you see it on everything or just on Facebook?

  3. I only see it on the blog, and actually, I think I only see it when I read your blog on Google Reader. Yeah, it's not on your blog when you read it your page. Weird.