Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More firsts

Clear as a whistle, Meg said the word "duck" this morning. Referring to an actual duck. Well, a yellow, plastic duck, but it was indeed a duck-like thing. How adorable!

Last night, she was playing with the myriad of ducks in the bathtub. I have been trying to keep her away from the cups and other containers like that since she likes to drink the water and, frankly, I have no idea what's in that water after they get it it. So we were playing a little game where I hold the duck, say it, make a quack noise, watch her smile and then have it kiss her cheek. Then she takes it and puts it in her mouth. It was a good game. After her bath, we played with a plastic duck for a little longer then she became interested in a duck slipper that her Cousin PJ gave her for Christmas. With that, too, she would smile and it and promptly stick it in her mouth.

I let her sleep with the slipper, figuring it was safe enough. Then this morning when I went in (at a record 7:40 a.m. although let's say that quietly to not jinx it), we went through the duck bit again and then she said it. My girl!

It's not her first word, per se. She's been saying Mama for probably 4-5 months and then Dada on command. But this is a real sign that we're headed down the communication path. I can't wait! (Although ask me again in a year, I may look fondly on these days where she can't tell me I'm not her friend and that she only wants red juice and toast).

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