Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dress up

Naked drummer boy, complete with towel/cape.

Andy in his pajamas wearing his hat and his backpack, fully loaded with Mutt, Jeff and Steve.

I had a theory that girls are more interested than boys in playing dress up. This based on a few get togethers lately where the girls couldn't wait to take their clothes off and start dressing like Cindarella while the boys found something to break. Then Andy went and proved me wrong. Turns out he likes dress up, just not into a fairy princess. This kid cracks me up.

So it's officially less than three weeks until BGB makes her appearance. That makes me about 37 weeks, which makes me pretty much full term, meaning I can burst at any time now. I'm conflicted hour by hour on wanting this baby out now, now, NOW and figuring she's fine in there/who the hell said I was going to be capable of this? The hospital bag is now (mostly) packed. I struggled with clothes to pack for myself. They say to pack what you wore at 6 months, but I can't remember what I wore last week, much less two months ago. So I have over-packed and probably the wrong things. If only it were PC to wear sweats home from the hospital.
I think I have all the baby gear lined up, too. My office threw me a surprise shower and the folks in my department kindly gave me separate gifts of clothes so between that, Andy's old stuff and what my mom got me a few weeks ago, we're looking good (where it's all going to go is another story). Sure, it looks like a bottle of Pepto threw up all over the baby's room, but it's just so cute! Bjorn is horrified. I still haven't rented a breast pump. Soon. Promise.
What I have been surprised by is how much this kid can kick and move around when she wants to. I swear sometimes it feels like she's just going to kick hard and punch through the skin. She is also safely head down at this point. That means she's gearing up for her eventually exit. It also means when she kicks hard or stretches just right, she can really wallop some discomfort down below. It's to the point that if she's really getting me just right, I have to change my position.
We keep reading books to Andy about the new baby and he is generally happy about it. He does refer to her as "my baby" which is pretty adorable with that toddler speech impediment. We also talk about the things he can do that she can't, like she won't be able to watch the DVD in the new car (that seemed to make him feel big and proud). However, she will get to drink out of a bottle. It's going to be interesting to see how this goes.


  1. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I say go with the sweats on the trip home from the hospital!


  2. Anonymous2:31 PM

    I'll second that!

  3. Armando9:10 AM

    I disagree... just because you went through the arduous process of birth is no excuse to let yourself go. I say you come back from the hospital in heels, a knee-length organza dress, pearl choker and full battle make-up on. (since we all know how much you love to tart your face up with cosmetics)

  4. Ahh, the memory of those last few weeks of pregnancy--not so much fun. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that I'm thinking about you and sending many "painless labor" thoughts your direction!

  5. I'm loving that everyone says wear sweats. I am seriously considering it now, assuming I can find my sweats.