Monday, January 28, 2008


Margaret Anne, hot off the presses. To think they said she'd be 8 1/2 pounds on the high end if she delivered on schedule. As it was, she was 8 1/3 a week early.

The happy and exhausted parents.

My mother and Meg's namesake.

Meg's other grandmother and other namesake. (To be fair, Margaret Anne is neither of their names exactly, it's more an homage to Margareta and Nancy.)

Andy meeting his new sister. Me looking like I just had a baby.

My mother's bag. You'll notice the small bottle of Dewar's in the pocket. She is a very smart lady.
The O.B. who delievered Meg. She stopped by to check on me and was so glad I took her picture when she was cleaned up and hadn't been on call for two days. And yes, I do think she's younger than me.

You guys said I could wear sweats to leave the hospital. And I did. Great decision.


  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    She is absolutely perfect and beautiful! Congratulations and much much love to all of you. You look wonderful too! Seriously. Great! I had Mary a year ago and I don't look as good as you do right now! Very impressive!


  2. Congratulations on your new baby girl. I just found your blog from babymakes4. I have a 7 week old, and life is just starting to get easy (well, easier) for me, good luck with the adjustments to life a new baby brings.

  3. So cute and tiny!

  4. She's beautiful--and you look great, too! Hope you enjoyed that Dewars!

  5. Congratulations! Just a thought---maybe you will have to rename your blog now. Call it Andyland and Margaretland. I'm jenn k's mom.

  6. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Congratulations!!!! I'm so thrilled for you all. She's beautiful. And I love the name Margaret. (Of course, being a mom of a Katie, I liked that one too. Although mine is a Kathleen.)

    I can't believe you're posting already. I am glad you are! I am thrilled to see the pics.

    I had a similar OB. I barely remember her name b/c we always called her Dr. Soccer Barbie b/c she was this young, gorgeous, sporty blonde.

    Looks like she did an excellent job! Enjoy that new baby smell as long as it'll last.


  7. Anonymous6:29 PM

    face the camera and spread those little legs I love bald p---y