Monday, January 07, 2008

Let him eat cake

Andy turns three this Friday. I had been going around and around about having a party, and ultimately we've (well, me) decided on a family party with the addition of Andy's good friend Mia and her dad. I really debated doing something more interesting with several of his friends, but since kids this age have to bring their parents (and possibly other siblings), inviting even five kids along with family ended up being a pretty big crowd. Frankly, a bigger crowd that I feel like entertaining at 37 weeks pregnant.

I have been looking around for cakes and it turns out they sell them at Giant. How cool does that cake look? Andy is going to love it.

In other news, I have officially put BGB on the wait list for a daycare affiliated with Andy's school. Andy's school doesn't start until age two, but this one starts at 6 weeks. It's right around the corner and since they're affiliated, we would jump to the top of the list and get a discount on registration. I have no idea if we'll go that way at all, but it does feel nice to have something else checked off the list, just in case.

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