Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I do it!

We have officially reached a stage where Andy wants to do just about everything himself. "No, I do it!" is a common mantra. Unfortunately, for a lot of things, he can't quite do it himself so I have to be standing close enough for when he's ready. Sometimes he gets quite revved up about it that it sparks tears when I have the nerve to do something, like put a straw into his yogurt drink or put the jam on his toast for him. It's cute. And annoying.

And after a few successes at potty training, we're back to him not wanting to go near the potty or even talk about it. Even my bribes of chocolate, cookies, Thomas underwear and crack cocaine aren't getting any interest. The other night, I conned him into sitting on the potty before his bath. He complained his "penis is empty" so after a bit, he got in the bath where he promptly told me he was peeing. Lovely. I am trying not to push, figuring he'll let me know when he's ready, but the other side of me is thinking he's three now and it's time to get moving on this.

As for the baby, she seems quite content where she is for the time being and is wreaking havoc on my system again. I've had some nausea off and on the past week (hello old friend vomiting, I haven't missed you) and I've now got heartburn with such force that I am trying to avoid just about everything except bananas and plain toast, which doesn't seem to be making a difference. In researching possible remedies, I picked up What to Expect When You're Expecting and their answer was that heartburn can be avoided by eating healthy and not gaining much weight early in the pregnancy. What good does advice like that do me? Nothing like kicking a 9 months pregnant woman when she's down.


  1. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Tums. in the car, by the bed, in the kitchen (oh vey,the kitchen makes things so yucky), EVERYWHERE. OH Tums...

  2. Ha. I was just stopping by to say Tums, too. Yep, in the car, by the bed, in the desk at work. I have them everywhere. And I'm so sick of them that I gag as soon as I put one in my mouth. But I absolutely can not live without them. I'm having the nausea again too. I will be very glad not to be pregnant anymore!!

    It's so close to the end now!!

  3. "Penis is empty." Heh.

    Often, I can help Jack's pride by asking him if he wants "just a little help" with the many tasks he can supposedly do by himself.