Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pregnancy brain

As if there aren't enough reasons (namely a big one pressing on my bladder) to want this pregnancy to go ahead and end, today I managed to leave my purse at Costco. Fortunately, Bjorn was calling me just as they had recovered it so he was able to swing by and pick it up not long after I left it. I was at home by then and hadn't even noticed it was missing. In my defense, it is frigid here so I was undoubtedly in a hurry to hurl my enormous self into my car where the wind chill was above 10. I do hope my memory improves after the baby comes or else in addition to my lack of muscle control making it so I can't hold the baby, I'll likely leave her somewhere, too. Good thing I will be supervised the first couple of weeks.

Nine days and 15 hours left.

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