Thursday, January 17, 2008

You'll get the news, I promise

I know that waiting for this baby is like watching water boil, but rest assured I'll let you know when (if?) this baby makes her appearance. The plan is that Bjorn will send out an e-mail to my trusted blogging proxy Betsy when the time comes and she will post something here letting you know. I'm not expecting anything for a couple more weeks, but keeping my blog updated is one of the things keeping me up at night. Well, I think it has more to do with the heartburn, but this is what I think about when the heartburn refuses to let me sleep.


  1. Armando12:53 PM

    I'm personally in favor of a video-cam in the delivery room. Why should you keep the moment all to yourself? How rude.

  2. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I have to pipe in here with my all-time favorite line from a pregnancy blog: "Let's get this bloody show on the road!" I found this on a google search at around 2 am during my earlier hours of labor at home -- as I was trying to figure out what bloody show was and whether I was actually in labor...

    Good luck, I'll be checking the blog for updates from Betsy!!


  3. Anonymous9:55 AM

    My sister in law sent me text messages while in Labor. You could send them to Betsy, and she could post updates.

    My nephew arrived 20 minutes after the last text message "gotta go...time to push".

  4. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I plan on coming home and helping out with Andy when the baby comes. So make sure Pappi calls me! haha

  5. I'm on it, babies!