Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New games

Andy's new game is counting fire hydrants. He calls them "fire hyders" and we spend time walking or driving trying to count the ones he sees. It's quite cute except he usually loses count and asks for my count which isn't always reliable.

The other new game we have is running around in a circle in our house. It's a colonial and all the rooms on the entry level connect so when we're in the dining room, he makes a loop through the kitchen, to the hallway, through the living room and back to the dining room. Then we count how many laps he's made. I remember playing a similar game at my grandparents' house in Pecos. My grandfather proudly counted while we ran and they drank Scotch and smoked cigarettes. Nice to see some games pass from generation to generation.

We're now exactly a week away from D-day. My last day at the office will be Monday, giving me one day to get last minute affairs in order/attempt to rest before the chaos begins. That seems quite close (and it is when you look back on the past 39 weeks), but right now everything aches, it's hard to sleep and my enormous belly gets in the way when I try to do just about anything. I'm also having some serious Braxton-Hicks contractions that are distracting. I actually think they should be called constrictions because when I have them, they sort of take my breath away as it seizes my belly. It doesn't hurt per se, but it definitely catches my attention and makes me pause. It also temporarily makes me warmer than usually so I have to sort of cool down afterwards. Quite glamorous to be having hot flashes.

I did have a wonderful moment this week where I looked in my closet with glee realizing I'm this close to never wearing these maternity clothes ever, ever again. Sure, I won't be back to my old size after the delivery, but at least my clothing options will significantly increase. Best of all, pants will stay on my waist without having to be pulled up to my bra.

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  1. Yeah, those maternity pants are HOT. Nothing like tucking your waistband into your bra to make you feel feminine.