Friday, January 04, 2008

Target practice

When my mom was here, we went shopping at Babies R Us and among the loot, Mom picked up some Piddlers, which are designed to be toilet training target practice. I moved them to the upstairs bathroom and put one in the potty for Andy. He still sits to pee (we'll worry about standing up later) so instead of it being a target, the game is to make it float. The exciting thing is that it has proved to be an incentive and he's actually peed on the potty 4-5 times this week. (His older brother, Mark, who turned 19 today, also likes to use these and I only know because flushing the toilet is not his strong suit. I know, ew. We tease him about it.)

Andy's usually is successful on the potty in the evening, either before or after his bath. Our attempts in the morning have been less successful. We're thinking we are going to just have to wake him up when we get up and get him to the toilet before he has a chance to go in his diaper. I think we're a ways off from being potty trained and I certainly don't intend to spend a ton of time on it since the new baby will likely cause some regression, but progress is still progress.

Andy has generally been darling this week. I try to remember to talk about him when he's being great and not just when he's making me insane. We had a host of parties the last week and he was a good sport at each and played nicely (mostly) with the other kids. Even tonight, Liz and I went to dinner and he managed to eat and entertain himself nicely with some blocks afterwards so Liz and I got a chance to really catch up. That is a pretty rare occurrence. It would figure that he's becoming better in social situations just in time for us to ruin it with a new baby.

Speaking of the new baby, I am now on to weekly doctor's visits. It's a good sign that I'm getting closer, but it also sparks the return of physical exams. I suppose it's just getting me ready for labor and delivery where I'll be flashing dozens of strangers. The good news is that everything with me and the baby look good, the bad news is that 25 days out, she looks perfectly comfortable where she is. I'm generally getting tired of this pregnancy business. My clumsiness has reached new heights. I probably spill a drink of water a day (I try to stick to water as it's easier to clean) and last night I moved too fast off the bed and smacked my knee, hard, as I fell on the floor. I do hope my balance and coordination return shortly after delivery or this kid may need to wear a helmet to survive.

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