Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Attack of the foam letters

I have a set of foam letters in the bathtub. Andy likes to take the letters once they're a little wet and place them on the inside of the tub. We play a fun game where I hand him a couple of letters at a time and he contemplates where to place them in the lineup. To entertain myself, I often stick the letters on him and that is usually met with great dismay as he can't wiggle fast enough to get them off. Tonight was a different story. I continually placed the letters on him and he seemed intrigued that it made me laugh so to play along, he began to pick up the letters and put them on his own tummy. It was quite cute, especially because every time he stooped to get more letters, the ones on his body would slip off and he would be confused why he only had one letter left.

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