Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wow. What a weekend. With my parents here, the party last night and a rash of birthdays, it's been a non-stop party this weekend. I'm exhausted and the house is still a mess - even though I stayed up late vacuuming up the tortilla chips some kids threw on the floor of the basement and then stomped on.

Andy has been a champ all weekend about rolling with the flow of things. It took him no time to warm back up to my folks and was a very good sport yesterday with all the activity going on around him. I only wish he had been kind enough to make today one of his 8:30 mornings - I could have really gone with a couple extra minutes.

Exciting World Cup action going on. I hope the U.S. can do better than Sweden, who could only pull off a tie against Trinidad and Tobago - a country with only 1.5 million residents, small considering Fairfax County alone has 1 million people.

Also, since everyone cares, my computer is acting much better and once I recover I'll post some new photos of the weekend. Thanks to Viv and Brian for their help.

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