Saturday, June 24, 2006

Cleaning time

With all the rain the past few days, the sandbox flooded - in part because I didn't think to close it all the way. I spent time today and yesterday trying to drain it. Andy thought that was good fun and decided to get into the pile of wet sand and standing water, as evidenced by the second photo after I had stripped him down and was trying to dry him off before heading inside. After I decided to clean that, I figured it was a good chance to clean the car seat cover and high chair cover as well. Andy was fascinated by the car seat undone. In fact, he was upset as I started to take the cover off as if I was hurting it. Once the cover was off and he could sit down on it again, he commenced playing with the clasps - one of favorite things to do.

Note the awesome Texas Rangers outfit his grandmother gave him.

If only I could convince the others in my household that edging was cool.

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