Thursday, June 01, 2006

Andy + Macaroni and Cheese=L-O-V-E

Tonight Andy has his first real taste of macaroni and cheese ala Bjorn and he loved, loved, loved it. Even more so than his beloved grapes, and that's saying something. The initial plan was to go out for sushi tonight, but after my lovely coworkers took me to the fabulous Squire Rockwells for lunch, I found myself feeling somewhat sick in the afternoon and begged for some soothing pasta instead. I gave Andy a small bowl for himself and he couldn't get to it fast enough after a few bites. He had two small bowls full and even managed to eat some of it off a fork. He also managed to fling some of it off his fork. Ah, good times.

Meanwhile, Squire Rockwells brags on their Web site about their 40 item salad bar (they claim to have introduced it to Washington), but I think I've seen nicer ones at gas stations it was so icky, picked over and poorly lit. I'm not quite sure, but I think one of the items was butter. In a cannister. With a spoon. That said, the cheese factor in this place was so high, we have to go back for happy hour just to check out the crowd. It would be people watching at its finest.

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  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I think my favorite item from the salad bar was the Ritz crackers. How can you not love the Ritz? And the little old couple (well, one of the many little old couples in there) sitting next to us who asked how long the salad bar remained open and whom the wife then said she was going to stay for awhile--priceless!