Sunday, June 04, 2006


My computer is infected. I've got adware, spyware, you-name-it ware popping up as I try to do anything interesting. I've tried a new browser (although Mozilla has it's own brand of pop-ups that are totally annoying), I've tried deleting Internet Explorer (you can't), I've tried Ad-Aware to get the stuff off (it doesn't) so the last gasp is to save all my photos to a CD and have Bjorn reinstall everything. It's a pain, but it's necessary at this point. What's amazing is I have nearly 1,400 MB (two CD-RW) full of photos. And that's just since last August when I backed up last. That's a lot of photos and guess who 90 percent are of? That's right. I think if I played them end to end you could actually see him age like those funky shows where you watch plants hatch and grow.

I haven't heard many new words (that I can understand) coming out of Andy's mouth the last week, but tonight, Bjorn walked in and he said, "Hi, Daddy." Seriously.

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  1. If you need a hand getting rid of the spyware or Bjorn doesn't have time to reload, Jeffrey and I are at home all summer and we're kinda bored. I can help you out using Microsoft Remote Assistance.
    You should start by downloading Hiren's Boot CD 8.0 off torrent. It's small (about 50MB) but has a mass of great utilities for cleaning infected computers.
    Drop me a message on our blog or email if you'd like a hand.