Thursday, April 27, 2006

He's gifted

We're still having problems with bath time so I decided to get into the tub with Andy last night. He was pretty upset with the whole thing until I managed to distract him with these foam letters we have. They're probably three inches tall and stick to the side of the tub when they're wet. He put a few on the tub and then pointed at the A and said "ay" in a way that was a little more distinct that his usual point and grunt. I was so impressed thinking perhaps the Fridge Phonics were making a difference and he really knew the letter and the sound it made. Then he pointed at the J and went "ay" in the same way so perhaps he's not quite so gifted after all.

Meanwhile, Operation Pacifier Removal has been temporarily abandoned. We went a solid three days without it last week, but with a visit to my folks and two airplane flights, I felt it was necessary for the people around us to bring back the binky. Of course, having done that, now that I'm back I can't quite kick the habit again. We had been giving him a small water bottle to go to bed with instead, but I'm finding the water bottle more of a pain since he screams when it's empty and then doesn't have anything to comfort him when he wakes up at night meaning I have to get up and refill it. So for the sake of better sleep, the binky has returned. Temporarily, I hope, until we get back into a routine and I can try again. My fear is to have a kindergartener with a pacifier and I'm afraid it's only going to get harder as he gets older, but in the meantime, Mommy's got to get some rest and if this is the trade-off, well...

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  1. i'm right there with you!! i want to get rid of the pacifier but it is so hard...on me.