Saturday, April 29, 2006

Out and about

Today was frustrating as we spent probably 2 hours trying to find Bjorn's nephew's baseball game down in Stafford, which is about 45 minutes to a hour away. Bad directions from my brother-in-law combined with poor cell phone coverage meant we spent a lot of time lost and unable to find out how to get there. We never did find the field although at a certain point, we finally got out at one field just to stretch our legs and give Andy a diaper change (fortunately, it was more a courtesy change rather than a much-needed one).

Since we were already that way, we decided to cut our losses and stop by IKEA at Potomac Mills. We don't go there much since it's far away and kind of a pain to navigate. I wish I'd gone sooner though. They have lots of cool kids stuff. In fact, I'm really impressed with their cribs that are a little shorter, but very function and many convert to toddler beds with a very simplistic design. Here's an example. I think we'll go back when it comes time to move from the crib to a toddler bed (note to self - must figure out when that is).

They also have lots of cool kids toys at reasonable prices. We ended up getting Andy a Brio-esque train set for $14. They say its compatible with other similar sets (I'm assuming they mean Brio, but can't say it). He didn't show much interest in it tonight, but he was tired from the day. I hope he likes it. I have really fond memories of playing with the set at Nieman's as a kid. They had a great set that was in the middle of the kids section and so fun to play with.

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