Friday, April 28, 2006

Movin' on up

It's official - Andy has outgrown the large sleepsack that goes up to 26 pounds. I went out today to find the next biggest size. Turns out, Halo does sell and extra large, but that's it. After he outgrows this, it's blanket city. Of course, this one goes up to 36 pounds so I think he'll be in it a while.

I went over to Buy Buy Baby to pick this up. I had a 20 percent off coupon so I figured the $4 I'd save was worth the trip to Springfield vs. Fair Lakes since it's not much further. Plus, it's a part of town I don't get to very often. My annoyance with Buy Buy Baby is that the aisles are too small for the carts. It's a baby store so the odds of folks needing carts is rather great, yet they've got crap lining every aisle so you can barely get down it without knocking stuff off, which I did anyway. It feels like a Linens and Things or Bed Bath and Beyond in it's layout (I can't remember if that shop used to be one). While I was there, I was forced to look for more toys - as if Andy needs them. I did spring for a cool puzzle that talks only to get home and realize it's a Leap Frog product so it won't worth without the console. Damn. Now I either have to buy a Leap Frog or schlep back over there to return it.

Meanwhile, it appears I picked up some poison ivy/oak while in Texas last weekend. Great. I've got a little on my leg which isn't bothering me, but the worst is I have it under my chin (I figure I got it when my brother-in-law took me on an awesome tour of his lakeside property on his four-wheeler). Poison ivy loves me so this isn't anything new although my remedy of choice of running hot water over the area until it stops itching isn't going to work on my chin.

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