Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Swim time

We joined the pool again this year. We've been twice now and so far, Andy's favorite part is the Little Tykes playhouse that's about 8 years old and faded in the baby pool area. For what the pool costs, we could have bought a new play house and had some really nice dinners out. I think he's afraid of the pool. Either that or the cold water freaks him out. New treats this week - he can now say "kitty cat" and mean it. He also has figured out that unrolling all the toilet paper is good fun.

Meanwhile, it's true, kids do read Perez as much as adults.


  1. I took Jack to the pool on Monday, and it made him nervous, too. It was really crowded with older kids. You know what older kids like to do when they're having fun? Yeah, scream and yell. Jack didn't realize that they were screams of delight and not of terror, so he spent the entire time clinging to me nervously. I think we'll try again when it's less crowded.

  2. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Now THAT is a Bjorn expression.