Friday, May 05, 2006


Today we took a tour of another daycare, this time the Carousel Child Care Center in Fairfax. It's located in the first floor of what looks like the parish office to a Catholic church although they are not affiliated with them. It was perfectly nice and school like, with lots of age-appropriate toys, chalk boards, a nice-sized (although industrial) kitchen. They also have two playgrounds for the older and younger kids. It's not my first choice, but I did like it fine. Unfortunately, they don't expect to have any openings for his room as a few kids are moving up to the toddler room and there are already four people, including a set of twins, on the waiting list for the fall. I'll keep it mind though. We're currently on the waiting list at Merritt Academy. When I toured, they thought he'd be in by August for the next school year, but I haven't heard back from the admissions person I had e-mailed with previously and thanks to my friend "return receipt," I know she got the message. Hmmm....I wonder what that means.

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