Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Potty failure

I was at the store last week and couldn't resist buying a potty. It was $9 and it was right there, plus, they didnt' have the Baby Bjorn model that I had seen so I went ahead with it. Bad move as the design is hard for him to get on and off of (of course, I'm not sure I want him to really easily get up in the middle, but still). I heard from my cousin that they did something similar so I think I need to just suck it up and get the better designed one. He doesn't need it immediately or anything so I can wait until I find what I want. In the meantime, he does seem to enjoy taking the plastic cup out of the middle of the version we have and carrying that around or putting it on his head.

Meanwhile, Bjorn always calls after drop-off to give me the update.

Bjorn: The package has been delivered.
Me: So how'd it go?
Bjorn: Terrible.
Me: What? Why?
Bjorn: He was mad and screamed at me most of the way until we turned into her driveway.
Me: What's up? Do you think he's getting sick? Is he teething?
Bjorn: Well, I spilled water on him as we pulled out of our neighborhood. I don't think he liked that. It was probably cold.
Me: Oh. That would explain things. Did you need to turn around and get him a new shirt?
Bjorn: Did I need to? Obviously not. Would that have been a better choice? Probably.

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