Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sand box

Last year, our very nice neighbors gave us a big plastic boat that could be used as either a baby pool or a sand box. He really hasn't been old enough until recently to get it so it's been rotated around our backyard as to not kill all the grass. I was thinking I would use it as a baby pool, but since we joined the pool and it's across the street, that seemed a little silly so a sand box it has become.

Turns out it's so big is takes up more sand than the three bags Bjorn bought so right now it's only half full. But did that stop the fascination? No! Turns out he loves it, half full and all. The only downside is the sand is wetter (for lack of a better word) than I would have liked and makes a bit of a mess more so than the dried sand I was imagining. We're getting more sand this afternoon so hopefully it's a different vintage and when mixed with what we got, will yield the proper consistensy.

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