Monday, May 01, 2006

Give him a hand

Andy figured out clapping over the weekend. He's been giving us a high five on command for months, but has shown no interest in clapping - until Saturday. He was so tickled with it (and no doubt excited with how excited we got) that we had great fun playing patty cake and other silly games. He also likes to grab my hands to put them together, which is fun, too.

I think he's picking up some new words. I swear under his breath he's saying "okay" sometimes. It's kind of funny to hear his breathy words as if he's thinking about something and is putting it together. I also heard him say "yay" yesterday. I'm not sure he really understands the contexts, but it's funny to hear. He also really understands simple commands now so I'll ask him to bring me objects (pointing helps). Last night, he actually crossed the room, picked up his shoes and brought them back to me one by one.

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