Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fat girl pants

This morning when I was getting ready for work I was lamenting my choices until I discovered a pair of black pants I didn't rememeber owning, much less buying. I tried them on, they fit and seemed comfy. SCORE. It wasn't until I got to the office that I realized they were most likely some vintage of maternity pants although not likely ones I bought because the length was odd once I started to think about it. I realized it mid-morning when a coworker gave me a once over that made it clear something was amiss so I spent the rest of the day trying to sit behind a desk and feeling self conscious. Fun. I desperately need some new clothes. The hard part is it's no fun to shop for me when I can get Andy five new outfits for the price of a nice pair of slacks.

In other news, damn Taylor Hicks. I like him fine (if I don't listen to his screaming soul patrol, because frankly, that's kinda gay), but now I have to listen to that infectious "Do I Make You Proud" dreck that's on the radio. The bonus is it has knocked out Nick Lachey's irritating single out of my head, but it's hardly an improvement. It's enough to make me listen to WTOP all the time. If only they didn't have commercials every 2.5 minutes.

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