Thursday, May 04, 2006

New favorite toy

Andy definitely has a touch of engineer in him. He's really quite interested in how things work. I remember when he was really little, he would stare at the motor on his swing as if trying to figure out what made it tick. Now I find he is constantly checking how things are put together. His new favorite is the empty bottle of Baby Wash in the tub. The good news is, it keeps him so occupied that this past week he hasn't had any trouble in the tub. What we do is I fill the bottle with bath water and he works hard to push the top down and giggles when the water comes out. He's also figured out how it unscrews and tonight spent a solid five minutes practicing screwing it on and off. It was quite fun to watch.

He's making strides on communicating, I think. I am hearing some new noises that are closer to words. Like last night I thought I heard him say "nigh-nigh." Of course, upon goading, he stopped being interested. He also really likes his new found clapping skill. It's quite amusing to all of us that he'll clap on command. Also interesting, he claps to the word "crap" as well, as Bjorn found out this morning. Meanwhile, the little bugger has figured out how to open the screen door to the back yard. I sometimes think I can contain him like the cats, but it's clear those opposable thumbs and human intellect are going to make him much more of a challenge.

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