Friday, May 12, 2006


It's finally going to be consistently warm enough here that I was able to plant my vegetable garden today. It's an ecclectic mix of peppers, tomatoes and squash/zuchinni/eggplant. Should be interesting. I also have a strawberry patch growing back from last year. I'll be curious it bears any fruit big enough to eat. Andy was a surpisingly good sport while I planted. He managed to entertain himself with the recycling bin. He pulled all the plastic bottles out and then toted around a milk jug around the yard.

Last year I pureed the vegetables and frozen them in ice cube trays to be served up for baby food. This year he's old enough that he could have it it larger chunks. The only bad part is that means I'm going to have to cook, which even boiling vegetables isn't my strong suit. That said, I did grill out sausage this evening. Our grill starter hasn't ever really worked so it requires a match and some steel will to get it started. Tonight I managed to singe all the hair on my right arm. Classy, with a K.

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