Tuesday, May 23, 2006


The sandbox boat (which is sold under the stupid name "Tuggy") continues to be a hit. Tonight we played in the sandbox using his pail and shovel in addition to red solo cups. Since we don't drink much anymore, it's good to put them to use. I also found some of the plastic containers that some plants came in for him to play with. He hasn't figured out how to make sand structures, but he has figured out how to knock them down.

A couple of firsts today. One thing fun is he knows how to stomp his feet on command, which may be one of the cutest things I've seen. He also knows how to hike his leg to climb over something as I witnessed him get into the bath on his own. Yes, the kid who refused to take a bath two months ago now can't wait a second longer to get in. With his new found ability to scale, I thought it prudent to take out the bumpers in his crib that have been out and in a lot since he was born (first in, then out due to SIDS fears, then back in once he started catching limbs in the rails, then out again for some reason then back in because the darkness helped him sleep). If I left them in, I'm afraid he'd be able to step on them and make a break for it. My cousin kindly gave me the bumper and they've just been great and so nice that I didn't have to buy them myself.

Meanwhile, I heard today from our first choice (well, only choice) preschool/daycare that the room he'd be in for the fall is full, but we're second on the list should something open up. Sigh.

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