Monday, May 29, 2006


As a parent, milk takes on a whole new meaning in my life. I now find myself making sure we have at least a gallon of whole milk in the house at all times. Yes, I would be one of those idiots before a snowstorm making sure I had milk in the fridge. BA (Before Andy), milk often went bad in the fridge since we didn't get to drinking it. Now, we usually have three gallons in the fridge at all times (two whole and one one percent for the older residents) and we actually go through it. Of course, this has made me learn a few things about it:

1) Milk gets gross fast. After like four or five hours post meal, it starts to coagulate and get clumpy. That's right - ew.
2) Milk left in a sippy cup in the car gets bad faster than normal. Studies show this may cause the sippy to be tossed into the trash whole or abandoned at a gas station.
3) Milk poured out of a sippy cup onto the patio as a drawing device leaves a stain. Who knew milk would leave a mark? And after one washing, it still looks kind of shiny.
4) Milk can easily clog the rubber spout of a sippy and turn black even after washing. It's not pretty.
5) Milk can make the pain of a skinned knee go away. It's a fact.

Tonight he and I played the greatest game and I think I'm in love all over again. He likes to clap fine, but more than that, he likes to clap my hands for me. It's hysterical to watch and play as it really cracks us both up. For a different spin on things tonight, he would clap my hands and then clap them on his head sending us both to tears we were giggling so much. It may have been the cutest thing ever. Seriously.


  1. Even weirder for me than milk is that bananas are a staple now. They are the very first thing I buy every week when I walk into the grocery store. When I use the last one, I think, "Ooh, better go shopping soon."

    At Stately Wasser Manor, it's very important to get rid of stray sippy cups of milk as soon as possible. If Jack finds a floater, he'll drink it. Between that and his tendency to cry if someone other than him has a drink, he is going to be awesome at parties in college.

  2. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Count me in as a future stalker! You're a great writer, and Andy is such a good topic. :)

    And Betsy, once a week on bananas? You're still rookies. We make the trip 3 times a week. But then my hubby likes them green...

    kh & little c

  3. I like them green, too. Crunchy if possible.

    I am a freak.

  4. Green bananas? You're sick - both of you.