Monday, May 15, 2006

Potty Training 101?

I think we need to get out and buy a baby potty. Twice in three days Andy has had accidents of the poopy kind around bath time (once in the bath and once out. I know, lovely). I think he's too young for training for real, but perhaps that will let him get comfortable with the idea. And since he's obvious motivated in that regard at that time anyway, perhaps it's a good introduction. Despite the name, I think I may have to go with the Baby Bjorn version. It makes for a funny story at the very least.

He's been hitting some milestones of late. He can now get to standing from sitting. He still prefers to get a hand, but he can certainly do it on his own. He also can officially say "light" (his favorite word) and likes to clap along to Jack's Big Music Show (which is great in spite of the really long Laurie Berkner intervals). His babbling is getting much more sophisticated. I keep thinking I hear words (like yesterday I swear he said "outside" when banging on the sliding glass door). He's also stringing them together like sentences. How cool is that?

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  1. My Jack likes Jack's Big Music Show, too. And so help me, I kind of like Laurie Berkner. Don't judge me.