Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Tonight's game of choice? Tumbling. I would have thought he was too young, but we spent a solid half hour with him rolling over and over and us helping him to somersaults. It was so fun. He loved, loved, loved getting flipped around and once we taught him to duck his head, he would do it and wait for one of us to push him over. It's was great. The only downside is he was pretty revved up and had a hard time settling down for "sova" (sleep in Swedish). He's actually been tinkering with a later bedtime lately, which is nice since I get to see him more after work. The downside is that if he goes to bed at 8:30, that's pretty late to then start making my own dinner so we might have to start, gasp, eating together or something like that. I think that means I'm going to need to get better organized about meals and such. Sigh.

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