Saturday, May 27, 2006


Andy has been fascinated with trains so we headed over to Burke Lake Park today to ride the small train there. He liked it in concept, but once we got moving, it really freaked him out. It seemed to be going pretty fast to me so I was afraid he was going to wiggle out of my arms as we were going around a corner. He didn't mind the train as much as he really hated the noise. And it didn't help that some obnoxious guy was in front of us yelling at things we passed and making loud jokes. Afterwards, we hit South Austin Grill where I get a free entree for my birthday (score!). It was surprisingly family friendly so we'll have to come back another time. I noticed on the way out that the Hair Cuttery next door was empty so we stopped in to get Andy a haircut to improve the home job I tried to do. He really didn't like it and only calmed down when they gave him a lollipop. I may have to get a stash of those for emergencies.

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